Welcome to ManageCancer.org

Managing your life with cancer is a difficult task. Often times the confusion, stress and expense can be debilitating. Fortunately help is out there, you just need to find it. ManageCancer.org provides cancer patients and their loved ones with information and links to valuable resources. There are hundreds available to assist with organization, finances and support but they are not always easy to find and the process can be overwhelming. ManageCancer.org continually researches the available resources and brings the best of them together in one manageable location. It is our mission to provide easy access to information and assistance for cancer patients and their loved ones.


Organization Assistance

Information and links to resources that help organize the day-to-day management of cancer.


Financial Support

Information and links to organizations that provide financial assistance to cancer patients.


Support & Education

Information and links to patient support groups and cancer education publications.


Loved Ones

Information, links and suggestions for ways loved ones can help cancer patients in their time of need.


ManageCancer.org will continue to research cancer resources and add the ones that we believe are most beneficial. Please feel free to suggest resources that have been helpful to you by clicking the Suggest a Site tab. Additionally, please provide us with suggestions to make navigation of ManageCancer.org easier for our users. We appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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